Sunday, March 15, 2009

Historical Fiction Book club

Is anyone out there wanting to join a book club for Historical Fiction? If so, I've started one at Booksprouts. It's open to anyone and I'm hoping it will be a great way for all of us who like our fiction set in the past to find new and interesting books and authors. So if you want to find out more or fancy joining visit Historical Fiction Book Club.


Margaret said...

Hi, Sarah. I joined. You may also be interested in my website, which lists over 5000 historical novels organized by time and place, as well as over 90 reviews.

Self Confessed Walkover said...

Hi Margaret,

I have to say your website is a fantastic one! I've seen a couple of books already on a very quick skim that I fancy reading and I feel it's a website I will come back to time and time again.

Thanks for joining the Book Club too. I'm thinking of suggesting some more books so we can read the next one together :)