Monday, July 09, 2007

Hints and Tips from a Bookworm

After reading one of the comments posted on here today it's got me
thinking about what my top tips for reading would be. So here goes!

* Reading should be for fun, not a chore. If the book you're reading
really isn't suitable for you, don't feel bad about putting it down and
trying something else

* Reading groups are a great way of finding new authors or new
genres you might not otherwise have tried. Your local library should
be able to help you find one.

*  Join your local library. Its a great way to try books especially if
you're short on funds. Libraries also have DVDs and CDs to borrow
so you're sure to find something whatever your mood. Added to that
library staff can be amazingly helpful on just about anything.

*  Always take people's suggestions as suggestions. Never let anyone
tell you what you can and can't read. We all have different tastes,
don't be ashamed to be different. Just because a book is a Booker
Prize winner or something doesn't mean you'll like it.

*  Try and judge your book by the blurb on the back rather than the
title or book cover. Publishers don't always get the covers right and
some titles can sound amazingly boring whilst the book is exciting
and worth reading.

*  Try and find a small amount of time to read every day. It can help
with stress and gives you a creative outlet (use that imagination!).
Some people choose to read in bed just before they go to sleep.
Whatever works for you.

*  Don't be afraid to give new books a try.

*  Sometimes when you read a book you may not be in the right
mood for it. You can always put it back on the to read pile and come
back to it when the time is right. A good book will never disappear.

* Writing up a 'to read' list can help when you can't remember what
books you want to read. Be sure to update it every time you hear
about another book you would like to try.

These are just some helpful hints. There are plenty more out there
and I'll be sure to keep this post updated with any new tips that come
my way. If there are any you would like to add either add a comment
at the end of this post or e-mail me at .

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eagerblogger said...

I'm more into regency romance type of books whenever I want to relax and have the time. Often I read reader's digest, short stories, inspirational books... that kind of stuff.

chica said...

I have this to-be-read list which seems to go on increasing nowadays. And your blog has added a few to it :).

P.S: Thanks for visiting my blog.

historicalficlit said...

My book suggestions....
Harry Potter (duh)
Little Women (a domestic epic)
Anne of Green Gables (pre-teen favorite)
Nancy Drew (childhood afvorite)