Sunday, July 08, 2007

Temporary Changes to Suggestions for a Bookworm

Today I've been experimenting with posting reviews via e-mail. In a
couple of weeks I will be moving and at present I don't know when I
will be getting an internet connection. It could be 1 month it could be
6 (long story!). Anyway, as I will no doubt be reading during this time
and I will still want to share my reviews with you then I have been
trying to find a way round lack of internet. When previously in this
situation I have used the internet at the local library. The problem is
that often Blogger is blocked on their computers so I can't directly
post. Instead I can access e-mails so this is the next best thing.
It does mean that the formatting of the posts might be a little off
from time to time but they will all be corrected when I can access
the Blogger website.

The downside though is that I won't be able to up date the A-Z lists
until I get access to the internet properly. Hopefully this will only be a
temporary inconvenience. I still will be able to post reviews which is
the main thing.

The other website that I have been unable to access in the past
through library computers is MySpace. That means that for all of you
who visit here through my updates on various MySpace groups and
on my MySpace blog I will no longer be able to keep you up to date.
The only ways to keep up will be through using an RSS programme
like Bloglines or FeedDemon or by visiting the site regularly. It's a
real pain, sorry.

These changes will begin to take effect from Monday 16th July.

If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to share!


Sarah said...

Hi! Just thought I would let you know that on my end, the postings via email look great! I hope you're able to get an internet connection at your new place sooner rather than later.

Self Confessed Walkover said...

It has taken me quite a few attempts (I kept having to delete them and re-do them) to get the formatting right but fingers crossed I have devised a way to write and e-mail reviews that don't go mental on the page :) It does mean no tags/labels but I don't really have much of a choice. Luckily I still have a week to road-test all this before I really do go awol!