Monday, October 30, 2006

For King and Country by Kate Sedley

Kate Sedley is more usually known for her Roger the Chapman series, which is set in the late 15th century. 'For King and Country' is set almost two centuries later during the English Civil War. It follows the story of Lilias, the daughter of a religious dissenter, who finds herself in Bristol at the outbreak of the English Civil War. Alone she has to turn to the family of MP Richard Pride for help.

Unfortunately I can't really say anymore about the novel. If you want a proper summary of the book try here. The reason I can't say anymore is that I had to give up reading this book. I got part way through chapter 5 (approximately 85 pages) when I felt I could go no further. I disliked all the characters, none of them appealed to me at all. The plot seemeded sluggish and did not hold my interest. I found myself flicking forward to try and find something redeeming in this book but I had to give up. Despite enjoying Sedley's 'Roger the Chapman' series very much, I found her first foray away from Roger was not particularly successful.

If anyone has managed to read this novel I'd would really appreciate your comments as I'm sure there must have been someone who enjoyed it!

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