Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What do I like?

I thought the best way to start this blog would be by saying which authors I already read, just to give you a taste :) In the last few months in particular I've been reading (in no particular order!) :-

Rosemary Rowe - Writes murder mysteries set in 2nd century Britain during the Roman occupation

Paul Doherty - I like reading his Hugh Corbett series of murder mysteries set in the medieval period in Britian. I've also read some of his books set in the late Roman Empire (e.g. The Song of the Gladiator) and enjoy those. My favorites though are his Brother Athelstan series, set in Medieval London.

Susanna Gregory - Matthew Bartholomew series, set in early medieval Cambridge. I recently read her first foray into 17th century London and loved it. Again she writes crime/murder mysteries

Jonathan Stroud - The Bartimeus Triology, really good childre's fantasy series

Christopher Paolini - Eragon and The Eldest. Absolutely the best fantasy books I have read in some time. Enthralling

Marilyn Todd - Roman murder mystery series

Alys Clare - Medieval murder mystery books

Sharon Penman - I like her series about Justin de Quincy, a knight of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine (political intrigue in medieval England)

J K Rowling - Don't think I need to say anymore!

Clive Cussler - I love Dirk Pitt and Kurt Austin and his new series based on the Oregon is also fab! Good old fashioned adventure.

Garth Nix - read all of the Abhorsen series and enjoyed those. Recently read Mister Monday. Children's fantasy books.

Bernard Knight - Murder mysteries set in 12th century england with the King's Coroner for Devon, Sir John De Wolfe

Deryn Lake - 18th century murder mysteries

Eoin Colfer - Love the Artemis Fowl series. Another children's fantasy series

Edward Marston - Has a murder mystery series set in Restoration England and Victorian Britain.

Alexander McCall Smith - Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency series, Sunday Philosophy Club etc. Hard to describe!

Peter Tremayne - Murder mystery series set in 7th century Ireland

So yes, I like historical crime mysteries and children's fantasy books :) But I also read other bits and pieces like Alexander McCall Smith and the last Sharon Penman I read (Time and Chance) although set in the 12th century was not a murder mystery. I also read Memoirs of a Geisha a few months ago and am trying to get hold of Empress Orchid. Therefore bit of a range of books I read! Would love more suggestions of books you think I might like. Will also be posting some reviews so watch out for those :)

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